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(Oz&NZ)VeganMoFo: Spring!!

My breathing sped, sounding loud and harsh in my own ears even above the steady rush of the water. I wanted you, wanted you more than anything I had ever desired, although I could not imagine what form the having might take.
Caliban's Hour by Tad Williams
I was reading
Theresa's blog this morning about OzVeganMoFo for September and I thought I'd join in the fun since I just live across the ditch in little New Zealand. I'm aiming for about 4 posts a week which could be a miracle but we'll see how it goes. As Theresa says, no worries. Also, it's the first day of spring today which seems like the perfect way to kick this whole thing off! Yay! We've even managed to turn on the sunshine for the occasion.

I think I've mentioned previously how I've come to adore salad. It's interesting because in the past I used to, well, not hate salads but definitely not enjoy them. There were a few I'd like but on the whole I avoided them. I definitely wouldn't have picked one at a cafe if there was another option. But clearly tastes change and I'm pretty glad they have.

Here are a couple of takeaway salads from Revel...these are only half-size 'cause the full-size portions are HUGE (plus this way you can always justify a sweet treat if so desired!). They may not look pretty but they sure tasted good.

Rice salad with tofu and veges

Barley salad with veges and cashews

Main meal salads are becoming a big thing in my diet too especially as the weather gets warmer.

Here's one using all the veges I could find in the fridge along with hummus, dates, sheese, roasted seeds and temeph bacon from
Vegan Brunch.

Now if you live down south, go outside and enjoy feels like summer is finally on it's way!