twilight and shadow

A day in the life of your average Monday

There was nothing I could do. There were no precautions I could take. There was no place I could hide. There was no one who could help me.
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
It's probably just me but I thought you might be interested in what a "normal" weekday looks like for me. Every day is quite different but you get the general idea...

So the alarm on my phone goes off at 5:10am...welcome to Monday morning. I drag on my gym gear...laid out on the chair the night before so I don't have to use my brain. I try and drink as much water as I can manage and eat one of these...

Off to the
gym! There is a queue of us completely insane people waiting outside for opening time at 5:45am. We file in, dump our gear in the lockers and head upstairs and across the bridge over the pool into the gym where I head to the peleton room and claim a bike (this is why I'm here so early...bikes go pretty fast especially as the weather improves...don't know why that is!). Spin class starts at 6:05am and is a 45 minute torture session taken by my friend L. After class I head over to the floor to finish up with some core exercises and stretches.

Time to hit the showers. I only wash my hair once a week (okay, so I rinse it if it gets too icky from sport but that's it) and Monday is the day...the gym showers are great and I don't feel quite so bad about taking too long. Because I have a really sensitive scalp I use this shampoo and this conditioner. These don't make my hair as soft and silky as other products I've tried but they don't make my scalp feel like it's erupting which is rather more important!

It's then off to work where I'll have breakfast at my desk. Yesterday it was a spelt muffin and fruit but sometimes I'll have toast with almond butter and jam. If I'm at home for breakfast it's normally weetbix, fruit and rice milk.

Did I really just take a photo of fruit? Not very exciting...well, as a photo anyway!

Work comes and goes but no doubt I'll spend a bit too much time having email conversations with a couple of my friends as I count down till lunchtime!

Lunchtime has been leftovers lately which is awesome. When I'm cooking dinner I'll often try to make extra 'cause I don't want to have to buy lunch (for a start there aren't that many options near my office).

Yesterday was leftover Pumpkin and Kumara Soup from the freezer mixed with leftover veges and tofu from another night - a double-whammy of leftovers!

Often Monday nights are quiet but last night I was climbing with my brother and his friend at Extreme Edge. We usually climb together about once a week but the night is always different to fit in with everyone's schedules. We are looking at doing a lead climbing course soon which is pretty much freaking me out.

My brother really wanted his arse to feature on this blog so here it is, just for you darling bro!

Anyway, before climbing I will normally snack on a muesli bar of some sort. Last night it was a Cool Mint Chocolate
Clif Bar, my favourite.

I just noticed that there is a picture of a climber on the clif bar appropriate!

By the time I get home I'll no doubt be exhausted as I always fail in my resolution to go to bed early on a Sunday night so very little sleep will have been had! I'll also undoubtably be hungry (if we haven't gone to get
Hell Pizza after climbing). Last night I was too lazy to do anything so I had nut butter and jam on toast! Terrible I know but it was after 9pm when I got home and sometimes you just can't be bothered.

This is actually a photo of a previous breakfast but I forgot to take a photo of my dinner...but they looked exactly the same! I also discovered I had a bliss ball in the fridge from
The Blue Bird so I snacked on that too. Yummy!

I'll then pack my bags and organise my gear and in the fridge I'll put all my breakfast and lunch food for the next day in a bag ready for me to grab as I race out the door. Then I can finally drop into bed (always aiming for 10pm but not always succeeding!) and look forward to doing it all again in the morning!

Hmmmm, this seems to make my life seem somewhat boring but actually it's pretty cool (well, I think so anyway) and hopelessly busy (Google Calendar saves my life). I often wonder how I'm going to make it to the end of the week without dropping from exhaustion but I always do and am always ready and waiting for the week to start again come Sunday night!