twilight and shadow

About Me

My name is Katie but some of the older readers of my blog would have known me as Vaala (and some of my older friends would have known me as Katherine but that’s another lifetime ago). Vaala is a character from Otherland, a series of sci-fi/fantasy books by Tad Williams. I was pretty much obsessed with his writing when I was younger and the character of Vaala intrigued me, especially as she morphed into different people as the story progressed.

The ◪ that I sometimes use at the end of my name is an orienteering flag (you know, ‘cause I’m a little obsessed). Orienteering is how I met M. I'm sure orienteering pops up a fair bit on this blog!

M and I live in a little house by the river near the bottom of the Port Hills (Christchurch, New Zealand) with our 10 bikes (well, 2 are old and in pieces currently), lots and lots of books (although mostly still in boxes at the moment while we wait for EQC) and an unfathomable number of sports shoes. Oh yeah, and tigers...lots of tigers (but don’t worry, they don’t bite. They just like to eat all the chocolate).

Quite possibly my favourite book and Mum found me the most beautiful version which is all in colour.

I like riding bikes, running (as long as I don’t have to run on the road and preferably with a good hill or two), outdoor adventures, cooking delicious things (‘cause then I can eat them), reading good books (I am still obsessed with Agatha Christie), tinkering with code and far too many other things to list here. I wish there was more time in the day!

I will probably write far too much about bikes and adventures. Sorry about that! But if you ever find your way to Christchurch and want to go for a ride you'll know who to contact.