twilight and shadow

Adventures in Christchurch

I spent a few days in Christchurch visiting my friends and just generally hanging out...which involves adventures. On the Friday Brent and I tramping on the Port Hills. I'd prefer to run the tracks but you can't have everything!

Saturday was rock climbing at The Roxx. I would have liked to climb outside again but it was really a bit too cold for that. But the textured wall here is awesome. We don't really have anything like that at Extreme Edge up in Auckland.

Then Sunday was some club orienteering at South Brighton domain. I had 2 shocker runs (a 180 on such an easy course is really quite embarrassing!) but it was all good fun and I love orienteering. Plus it's always good to hang out with the PAPO guys.

And finally on Monday Michael took me out running at Halswell Quarry which was quite nice. It was a bit overcast and drizzly for any photos though but it's pretty cool especially when you're at the top of the quarry looking down. Would be nice to have more people to run with in Auckland...perhaps I should move to Christchurch!