twilight and shadow

An exhibition of revels

I pray that at last, as my long days draw to a close, I will have the chance to put right what once I did ill, that I will at last learn the truth. The truth will set me free.
Labyrinth by Kate Mose
I am SO tired! Yesterday we had a fun 3 hour night
rogaine event round some of the local streets and I didn't get back from that until pretty late and then I got up for spin this morning. I'm very much in need of a nap right about now.

Here's my epic breakfast...a super thick banana smoothie (frozen banana, frozen berries, ground flaxseed, tahini, cocoa and oat milk) topped with muesli and chopped almonds and walnuts. SO good.

Anyway, after my superpowered breakfast I had to race into town to meet Mum to go check out the
Rita Angus (a well-known New Zealand artist) exhibition at the Auckland City Art Gallery. After wandering round the display for about 2 hours (and debating which were our favourites and where we would hang them if we owned them!) we were famished and in need of lunch.

Revel delivered with both of us ordering the Vegan Reveller.

How can you possibly go wrong with a huge plate of giant falafels with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, hummus, sundried tomato and basil pestos all served with lightly toasted bread?

Despite being so full after all this food that we could hardly move, dessert had to be ordered so we grabbed a couple of slices of the Peanut Butter Cake/Pie/whatever to take away and managed to wander down to Albert Park to indulge.

This is what all Fridays should be made of (in case you were wondering, that's two slices of cake/pie and no, unfortunately I didn't get to eat them both as I had to share with Mum!).