twilight and shadow

Burgery goodness

In amongst training, spending up large at Macpac (we went in to get a duffel bag and came out with 2 as well as lots of clothing and other, well, stuff!) and trying to sort out last minute things for our trip we have actually managed to go out and be social...well, once. Sunday lunch we headed to the Cassels & Sons Brewery (or simply The Brewery) in Woolston for M's Dad's birthday.

They have a veggie burger which can be made vegan (it even delightfully says so on the menu which is super nice). Obviously this is what I had since I can't really turn down a burger and fries! I assume they still have a vegan beer they brew as we tried it a couple of years back at the Vegetarian Expo (beer at 10am - not the best idea for someone who hardly ever drinks). It looked like some of the salads in the cabinet could have been vegan as well.

It was big and delicious. I couldn't finish my chips but I was determined to finish the burger. I have definitely had more exciting burgers in other places but this was still pretty good (plus I was hungry by then).

Afterwards we came back to our place for (vegan!!) fruit cake M's Mum had made. I thought it was delicious! But then again I do love fruit cake. What's not to love about spicy, fruity cake? (sorry, I thought I had a picture of it but no such luck)