twilight and shadow

Desert heat and freezing rain

Jeepers, it's October already and I haven't posted any more of our USA adventures. Too busy with adventures back home (and getting sick...sigh).

Right, well let's get going shall we?

After the rogaine, my brother (R) and his wife (A) took us on a pretty awesome road trip. Firstly we headed over to the Badlands 'cause who doesn't want to see an alien landscape and bask in the intense heat of the desert right?

As an added bonus we got to test out our new tent for the first time (the Big Angus Fly Creek UL2 - nice and lightweight for upcoming cycling adventures but, umm, pretty thin!).

Oh, and see some pretty cool animals. Big horn sheep are definitely more exciting and scary looking than the sheep we have at home!

We also got some brilliant views of the night sky. I was amused during the astromoner talk that night when they were asking us what the most well known constallation in the night sky was. Ummm, the Southern Cross right? Oops, wrong hemisphere!

How about a trip to the Devil's Tower next? You can laze in a hammock too (until you get told to take it down). First time in a hammock too. Awesome. We've been missing out for so long!

Then it's onto more driving, and into the rain too just to make it a little bit more exciting (and a lot make sure that I get to use all of the far too many clothes that I brought on this trip). A nice wet, dark arrival in Yellowstone is the perfect time to practice putting up your tent with the fly first. Thankfully there are no photos of me crawling around underneath setting it up!

Morning dawns a mixture of rain and delicious icy coldness (possibly sarcasm but one can never be sure) which means it is the perfect day to go animal spotting, geyser wandering, exploring and picnic just as darkness and the storm approached.

Oh yeah, and go run up a little hill to get a better view of the Grand Prismatic Spring (then bush bash down the other side of course).

The weather showed no real signs of abating (despite small patches of sunshine) so after another night in Yellowstone we drove through The Grand Tetons...

...and onwards towards the Doctor.