twilight and shadow

Digging up family memories

He smiled at me like a dark prophet telling some simple truth which I had always known but never before heard in words
The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory
There was a time when us kids would avoid going to our parents house and having to be around family but lately we've been regularly coming together (well, not my eldest brother and his wife in America but that goes without saying...they do tend to call on the nights we're all together though) for dinner. Mum secretly loves the opportunity to cook up a storm especially 'cause she can make dessert!

Stir fried veges with crispy tofu...super quick, super healthy and super delicious!

Pear crumble with homemade custard and chocolate
lite licks ice cream.

Sometimes it's my job to come round and cook dinner for everyone! I made one of my quick and easy favourites, nachos.

This batch was not nearly as spicy as I'd normally make them as my parents aren't good with hot food but it was still delicious.

One of our family favourites is vegetarian shepherds pie adapted from one of the Meals Without Meat books by Alison and Simon Holst.

Served with some stir-fried veges and it's the perfect warming winter meal.

One of the best parts of dinner at the parents is that Mum often will make us dessert! This is an old favourite of hers, apple butterscotch pudding.

Apparently Mum used to make us this when we were little brother fondly remembers it but my memory is clearly a little lacking. It's SO delicious though that the four of us polished off the whole pudding in one sitting! Definitely a keeper (now to see if I can prize the recipe off Mum!).