twilight and shadow

Exploring the Waitakeres

I love the Waitakere Ranges and I try to head out there as much as possible. It's an awesome place to run and there is so much I have yet to explore. On Friday, despite the forecast of some horrendous storm, I thought I'd head out for some training and luckily the worst of the rain held back until I finished!

This particular loop is one of my favourites: starting at the bottom of Falls Road you head along Upper Kauri track (up and up and up!) then Sisam, then Chateau Mosquito (and your first river crossing), then RGB (the second river crossing and the track is steep and nasty), then left onto Ridgeline, down Fenceline (you pass one of the reservoir lakes) and then back to the carpark via the Auckland City walk.

Love it!

The track goes along the side of the river to the right...yep, along the narrow bit of rock sticking out from the water so you have to be careful you don't slip in. The first river crossing is further along.

About to head down the RGB track...probably the part I find the hardest.

I'm awesome! And I made it back before the rain came!