twilight and shadow

Floods of yoghurt

This week marks my 3 year anniversary of moving to Christchurch and despite how crazy it has been it was definitely the best decision I could have made.

It's definitely been a 'different' experience though. I never thought I would be sent home from work or have the day off for earthquakes, snow and flooding (fortunately not all at the same time!) but there you go! This year has been the year of far too much rain resulting in pretty bad flooding across many parts of the city and, since we live by the river, it has been an interesting experience to say the least.

Somewhere under all that water is a road on either side of the river!

During the biggest flood, in March, we couldn't get out our driveway (well, we could if we'd really had to but it sure didn't look like fun). Fortunately we are high enough that the flooding doesn't affect our house but it's still pretty scary.

In more tasty news, I have just discovered a new vegan coconut yoghurt at my local supermarket. Doctors Choice Bio Yoghurt, a local Christchurch company, makes a dairy-free coconut yoghurt and it's really delicious!

Seriously, if you see it I recommend trying it. Although I suspect it might only be stocked in the South Island at the moment.