twilight and shadow

Fuel is important

"And we talked to some of the lads from the Post Office last night and they said we could trust Mr Lipwig’s word ‘cos he’s as straight as a corkscrew.”
“A corkscrew?” said Bent, shocked. “Yeah, we asked about that, too,” said Shady. “And they said he acts curly but that’s okay ‘cos he damn well gets the corks out!” - Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Apparently fuel is very important for planes…in case those of us on the plane this morning hadn’t figured that out yet the captain was kind enough to point it out as we waited for the refuelling to finish. Ah, I love plane trips.

What’s the point of desperately trying to cut down your luggage to 20kg when the real cut off is 23kg before they charge you (and I swear mine was 23.7kg and I was all ready to pay…when your boss is going to reimburse you then it really doesn’t matter at all…but she was like, nah, it’s fine you’re just on the cut off).

For the first time (and don’t laugh ‘cause I thought it was exciting) I got to have someone waiting at the other end with a sign with my name on it. Ah, the small amusements in life! Plus I was the second person off the plane…usually I’m like the last. But, as Murphy’s law goes, first off, last to get luggage.

Actually, I almost didn’t get my luggage at all when some guy walked off with my bag. I just happened to glance in the general direction of the exit as this guy walked past holding a red Honda bag filled to the brim just like mine. I dashed after him feeling like a right twerp to discover it was mine. He felt pretty silly and it was even funnier when his bag appeared on the carousel as it wasn’t nearly as faded as mine as well as no where near as full as mine. That’s the second time recently I’ve seen someone with the same bag as me…and I thought that basically no one else really had them.