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It's like ground almonds but with oreos

Frankly, I don't think it mattered a damn whether I consented or not.
Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
It was my cousin K's birthday on Sunday so of course this needed celebrating. Ironically she wasn't able to make it last minute 'cause she was sick but we thought we'd celebrate anyway 'cause everything was all ready to go.

We were greeted with a cool appetiser tray my Aunty had made which was a relief 'cause by the time I'd picked everyone up and driven across to the shore I was starving. Oh, and there were also plain pringles in the mix but they didn't make it onto the tray. I could have quite happily polished this whole thing off by myself but managed to restrain so there was still room for dinner.

For the main course my super sweet Aunty cooked The Chef and I up some plain rice and her famous maple syrup tofu which we had with the stir-fry veggies my Uncle cooked. The tofu was so good and I've got to get the recipe off her so I can recreate it.

We went back for seconds (and I vaguely seem to remember The Chef going back for thirds even!).

As usual I was in charge of the cake. I doubled the recipe for the Cookies and Cream Pound Cake from My Sweet Vegan and baked it in a regular round cake tin instead of the loaf tin the recipe called for. I also cut down on the sugar 'cause 20 crushed cookies plus sweetened soy yogurt (the only unsweetened one here is not a good consistency for baking) plus 1 1/2 cups sugar seemed just a tad excessive (not sure how much I ended up using but it was less than a cup and I couldn't find any white sugar in my pantry so used soft brown sugar instead).

Surprisingly this wasn't nearly as rich or as sweet as I expected and was actually pretty nice although I reckon it would be better warmed with soy ice cream or something like that. If you didn't like oreos though, well I don't think you'd like this cake (but I'm not a huge fan and still enjoyed it but carrot or chocolate cake would be my preferences)!

I don't think I'd make this cake again but I do like trying out different things and it certainly was something a bit different and interesting. Can't wait for the next birthday to create something new!