twilight and shadow

It's raining tools

Madness slunk in through a chink in History. It only took a moment.
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
The spring rains have definitely been making an appearance over the last few days. Unfortunately they haven't been strong enough to get all the mud off my car so I guess I'm going to have to give it a real wash shortly!

Anyway, yesterday was an exciting mail day. Since I moved out of my old flat I have been without any tools for my bike and have been borrowing gear off my flatmate's Dad. Well, I finally got around to getting some of my own. We picked out a toolbox that has most of the stuff I need and ordered it off the web (good old Torpedo7...and it arrived yesterday!

I also ordered a pump and a chain stay guard 'cause my other one went walking when I last took my bike in for a service but these things aren't quite exciting enough to warrant a photo so you'll just have to imagine them!

Also, to make yesterday even more exciting, last night I met up with my darling cousin D for our (almost) weekly dinner at Food Alley. We are creatures of habit and always head straight for the Claypot place and always order the same dishes. Mine is the Tofu and Vegetable Claypot and it is truly awesome. Quite possibly my favourite meal EVER!

Yes, I've blogged about the claypot here before but it really is good! We also always get a freshly made juice each's like this little routine we've got going. This time I picked a carrot, pineapple and apple juice. Divine.

So all in all, yesterday was a pretty good day...