twilight and shadow

Journey to the other side of the bridge

As if a man has only a certain allocation of things like elation and delight and contentment, and the longer he lives the more they must be diluted.
But life is still sweet and death is just mystery. It is age we dread.
- Strata by Terry Pratchett

It was my Aunty's birthday in the weekend so J and I made the trip across the bridge (okay, so that's a bit of an Auckland joke about how the North Shore is on the other side of the harbour bridge from the rest of Auckland so therefore visiting is such an effort when really it takes no time at all but we just like to wind each other up...well that was a load of blah!).

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My darling cousin D and her boyfriend cooked up a storm for the occasion. They even made me my own special dishes! Ah, I'm so spoiled and it wasn't even my birthday!

First I bring you the entree: beautifully carved tomato with rice.

The main course was stuffed cannelloni. Mine were stuffed with a thick tomato and mushroom sauce and topped with a tofu and spinach mixture and tomato slices. It was real good and D was real proud since it was her first time cooking with tofu. I'm mighty proud of her!

And of course everyone's favourite meal, dessert! We all got our own miniature chocolate cakes dusted with icing sugar. They were delicious.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry...I am discovering that taking photos with just your left hand is not that easy especially since I damaged my left thumb in the fall somehow too!

Oh, but we do have some exciting news! J and I finally got to pick up our new bikes in the weekend. It was quite a trip since we bought them at a store all the way out on the Whangaparaoa with the help of one of my orienteering adventure racing friends. Yes, yes, they are matching (although mine is a size down from J's) but hey, can I help it if we both have impeccable taste?!.

Here they are sitting proudly in our I've just got to fix this wrist so I can give it a spin! The suspense is killing me!