twilight and shadow

Life is surreal

His eyes were filling with some great emotion, as a pitcher fills with water when it is dipped in a spring.
The Waste Lands by Stephen King
Things have been busy and now things are just plain
overwhelming and scary. It all seems so surreal. Everyone I know in Christchurch is okay but that doesn't really make it that much better. I can't help worrying about M and all my friends. I just want them here and safe. Makes being at work seem completely irrelevant.

But you've got to try and keep your spirits up so here is the cake I made for a combined birthday party we had in Christchurch a few weeks ago for M and our friends.

This is before the cake made it to the party hence the awesome kitchen bench background

We ran around outside doing a crazy orienteering course, we ate lots of delicious food and even more delicious cake and we danced to awesome 80s music until I was too tired to stand up any more. Beautiful memories.