twilight and shadow

M in the kitchen

Sometimes, if I'm lucky (and I'm lucky quite often!), M cooks dinner. Last week I was out running and he ate leftovers but then specially made me my own dinner (along with leftovers for lunch). I was so hungry there is no photo. But just imagine a delicious tofu stirfry on rice. Can't go wrong with that.

Another night he made an Indian curry with Frys vegetarian chicken strips. Delicious! Well, apart from being a bit too hot for me to handle!

Then a couple of weeks back M also made pizza!

The dough was homemade (I love having a breadmaker!) and was topped with tomato paste, red onion, courgette, red capsicum, capers, tomato, tofu sausages and hummus. Hummus on pizza makes an excellent cheese substitute (it works best with plain hummus and don't be afraid to use heaps of it).

And last night he made me another tofu stirfry before we sat on the couch geeking out over rogaine maps.

I love how it looks like a piece of carrot is trying to escape off the plate!

These are actually just a few of the meals M has cooked lately so basically I'm rather lucky!