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Make it quick and make it painless

Happily ever after - so how does that work?
The heart of a recipe, what makes it work, is a mystery. Taste is such a personal thing and yet the right recipe can open a person's mind to a food they thought they didn't like. Then again, you can put all the right ingredients together, follow the instructions exactly, and still have a disaster on your hands.
Recipes for a Perfect Marriage by Morag Prunty

This week has not exactly been the best but that doesn't mean you can't have good food.

For those lazy days when you want tofu but the thought of having to prepare it all yourself seems too much, Bean Supreme make a mean marinated Hoisin and Sesame tofu. So good. Also great sliced thinly and baking in the oven for sandwiches.

I spent the whole of the Easter weekend doing (surprise surprise)...

Every Easter is the National Orienteering Championships in New Zealand and this year it was held at my home turf of Auckland. Apart from the first day with the sprint race through the Auckland Uni Teachers College campus in Epsom the events were held up at Woodhill forest, one of my favourite places.

Below is a glimpse of the spectator control for the relay event.

You've gotta fuel up when you're spending your whole weekend out in the forest and I always looked forward to my lunch after the race that day (lunch being a loose term here since most of my races started around lunchtime so I couldn't eat properly until nearly 3pm)...

...a sandwich filled with heaps of veges and baked tofu. Perfect

Then by the time I'd get home (our club was helping so I'd be out there pretty late each day) I'd be exhausted so it was time for a quick and easy dinner...! Chuck all your veges and sauce and stuff on a spinach wrap, stick it in the oven, and voila!

I wasn't totally without sweet treats though...J was away all Easter but he did leave me with something special before he went...dark chocolate eggs filled with marzipan. Delicious!