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Mint chocolate paradise

Chocolate! Now that's something we haven't had on the blog for a little while. Time to remedy that.

My work is near Liberty Market so most weeks I head over there to check out what they've got. Their stock seems to be fairly sporadic and you'll often find things you like only to have them never get them in again (sign). But they do always have a steady supply of interesting chocolates and this particular day my eye was caught...

Pana Mint Chocolate

Vegan mint chocolate? You've basically sold me already! It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it was raw chocolate (I must be going blind because it says it nice and bold on the front of the box) which did have me a little anxious at first because I've only tried one brand of raw chocolate I liked (and I have tried several). But from the moment I unwrapped it and the beautiful minty chocolate smell wafted out I was in chocolate heaven!

The texture is super smooth and creamy and it had a pretty strong mint flavour which I love. No point in being mint flavoured if you can't really taste it. It's quite soft so you do know you're not eating regular chocolate but I guess it's kind of like a truffle texture.

And I must have really liked it since I bought another box of this Pana Chocolate on my latest trip to Liberty! In the interests of being a good blogger I probably should have bought a different flavour but I guess the other flavours don't tempt me enough to spend that kind of money. The way to my heart is clearly through mint chocolate!