twilight and shadow

Muddy favourites

What is any ocean but a multitude of drops?
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Don't worry people, the maple syrup tofu recipe is coming!!!

Anyway, welcome to my new favourite dinner. It's so good that Keisha stole half of one of my tofu sausages while I was getting a drink and then sat next to me giving me that look that only dogs can do! It is also so good that I'd already started eating it before I remembered to take a picture.

So, we've got steamed broccoli, raw carrot with hummus, fried mushrooms, tofu sausages and awesome Maori potatoes that The Chef got me from work boiled and then lightly tossed in some olive oil and salt. I want it now!

Other cool stuff coming out of my kitchen was this wicked lasagne. The Chef is on a no gluten, no dairy, no raw fruit or veggies diet for a month so instead of pasta we baked large slices of kumara and layered it with slices of courgette and a 'mince' mixture made from Tonzu tofu mince, black beans, a tin of tomatoes, onion, carrot and mushrooms. All topped off with a white/cheesy sauce and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds then chucked in the oven.

We ate the leftover kumara slices with maple syrup while waiting for the lasagne to cook!!

It kind of fell apart when we served it but it still tasted really good. Once it had cooled though it held together quite well and tasted even better for my lunch the next day.

As usual there has been plenty of action going on round here (other than in my kitchen of course). On Saturday I had a mountain bike race out at Riverhead...notorious for being a mudbath when it's been wet. So naturally it was raining that morning! Who could expect anything less?!

It took me an hour to clean the bike once I got home and another half an hour to get the clay off the soles of my bike shoes. Seriously.

I was starving after all that so whipped up a toasted sandwich with hummus, spinach, grated carrot, tofu sausages and melty Cheezly vegan cheese. Lightly toast the bread, chuck in all your fillings and then brown over the frying pan on each side.

Hit the spot perfectly.

Oh yeah, and I also scored a mammoth bag of feijoas off a mate's tree. Awesome!