twilight and shadow

Oh hello there!

Hello! Gosh it’s been a long time! Oh deary me.

Because it's late and I'm tired this will be pretty short but I guess what I should say is welcome to my new blog home!

For a super quick summary, since I last wrote:

  • I went back to study
  • I finished study and started a new job
  • M and I bought a house!
  • I crashed my mountain bike and kinda smashed up my right wrist
  • Ummm, we've been on far too many adventures to even begin mentioning!

One of our most recent adventures? Exploring the Catlins.

But the most exciting thing going on right now? M and I bought a tandem! After several months of borrowing a friend's (and trying not to destroy it or us) we finally ordered our own. Stay tuned for more tandeming adventures!

Setting off for the long ride home from Charteris Bay on our big green monster.