twilight and shadow

Oh goodness me!

"The chances of finding out what's really going on in the universe are so remote, the only thing to do is hang the sense of it and keep yourself occupied. Look at me, I design fjords. I'd far rather be happy than right any day."
"And are you?"
"No, that's where it all falls apart I'm afraid."
"Pity, it sounded like quite a nice lifestyle otherwise."
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Life is amazing. Hell, even when it's tough it's still pretty amazing. Here are some cool things and great food in my life recently...

Ginger crunch.

Even better is getting home from a long day at work to find a parcel sitting outside my bedroom door...a parcel containing my favourite ginger crunch all the way from Soul Food in Christchurch. Awesome!

Riding my bikes.

This is my new road bike (I've called her Ellie...interesting to note that my mountain bike is definitely male in my eyes but my road bike is a female)!!! She's shiny and fast!

And here's my mountain bike. He's strong and dependable...and is about to go on his first overseas adventure! I will admit there were times in the past when I was quite ready to throw him off the top of a cliff but these days we are quite good mates!

Hot soup on a cold day.

This is one of the many vegan soups (Tuscan bean and vegetable to be exact) from the coffee shop across the road,
Agnes Curran. They make all their soups and are now consciously thinking about the ingredients they use and let me know when they're vegan. Plus the staff there always make me laugh (I don't drink coffee but my boss does and I'm the one to go get it...they know me very well!).

Running at Tawharanui.

Waikauri Bay is my favourite place and over the hill is
Tawharanui Regional Park which I've been exploring all my life. Running over there never gets old. Even better is sharing the experience with a friend and we even had beautiful the middle of winter!

Chocolate (I mean, how could it not be part of an awesome life)!!!

That (above) is a Decadent Date from
She Chocolat in Christchurch (D bought me a whole bag as a present). It's described as a fresh organic medjool date hand stuffed with a gianduja filling and coated in the finest Belgian chocolate. Delicious!

New running shoes (I don't know how fond I am of the bright pink colour of my new Mizunos though but I love Wiggle!). Even better is getting new off road shoes and wearing them in (because I can't handle them being clean for long)! Below are my new Inov-8 Roclite 285s 'cause my old ones are starting the slow trip to falling apart.

The only thing that makes that experience even cooler is testing them out in the
Waitakere Ranges.

It is like paradise (but the weather is very temperamental out there so I'm always weary of taking my camera out with me...maybe next time).

Eating lunch with A at Kokako and catching up on all the gossip and drama of his life...makes for a truly entertaining experience! It's just along from my gym so A is a bit of a celebrity whenever we go too!

Plus the food there is good. Above we have the tofu scramble with their awesome veggie booster juice and below is the beans on toast (which isn't really beans on toast at all since they put the beans
next to the toast but I can forgive them!).

As I was writing this I realised it could actually go on and on which is incredibly heartening!

But one of the best things? Awesome friends coming to visit...I'm counting down the hours till I head out to the airport tonight!