twilight and shadow

OY1 - Huriwai

So yeah, the day after the Dual was the first OY (orienteer of the year) of the season and Huriwai was going to be good practice for the nationals as the terrain is probably the closest we've got to what I'll find down in central Otago - steep and rocky with big lines of cliffs and rock faces to navigate around. I wasn't going to miss it just because I'd done a big race the day before!

Looking up at some of the terrain from the event centre

I ended up doing course 2 which probably wasn't the best of ideas as it was steep and quite long but I'm a sucker for punishment. Technically it wasn't too hard but it was really hot and I was tired so it took me forever and I made some really stupid mistakes. Also I've got to get better at ignoring people 'cause I was behind Pip coming out of #8 and she did some wacky thing to the next control which completely threw me and I ended up following her before finally deciding that was a stupid move. Good thing too as met her on my way to #10 while she was still looking for #9.

Well, at least I still vaguely remember how to orienteer...let's hope it goes a little better at the nationals!