twilight and shadow

Raindrops are falling on my head

A hug may be accompanied by a moment of stillness. Or it may include expressions of pleasure, like these:
(Sigh) Whoopee!
That's nice.
Thank you. I needed that.
- The Little Book of Hugs by Kathleen Keating

It is cold, wet and pretty darn miserable here at the moment - winter has made their arrival well and truly noticed. Since Friday it has rained most of the time which means it's kept me awake most of the night (my bedroom is in the attic so rain on the roof is pretty loud).

But despite the rain one can still enjoy good food. Let me introduce you to a little slice of heaven I enjoyed recently...

Peanut Butter Midnight Pie from Revel. Umm, to say that I enjoyed it would probably be quite an understatement.

Another highlight of the week (well, that would be last week since I'm too disorganised to work out what's happening with this week yet)...

...tofu stir-fry with enough leftovers for my lunch. Ah, leftovers. Seriously, they can make a dull workday bright again!

Soup, of course, really hits the spot once the weather turns sour.

Pumpkin, kumara and lentil soup with essene bread I managed to score from my cooking class. Man, soup almost makes winter worth suffering through!

As for the package I got, I've nearly managed to eat through it already (there's only 1 thing left)! Everything is SO delicious although the fruit-flavoured Nakd bars are a bit sweet for me. My favourite so far is the Nakd Cocoa Loco which made good fuel after orienteering on Sunday...although I had to share a good portion of it with J and Mum.

No, I didn't eat them both at once and trying to decide which apple pie I was going to try first (I was just heading out on my bike, hence the gloves but needed a snack with me). But which one did I like best? Personally I thought the Lara bar apple pie tasted better. Perhaps it was the nutmeg or something like that in the Nakd Apple Pie but the taste wasn't quite as nice.