twilight and shadow

Run run as fast as you can...

Most people, on waking up, accelerate through a quick panicky pre-consciousness check-up: who am I, where am I, who is he/she, good god, why am I cuddling a policeman's helmet, what happened last night?
Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

The "night before" tofu - my favourite satay tofu :)

We were just getting off the ferry as the marathon started so I managed to get a shot of the tail-end of the runners making their way up the first of several hills (you can probably barely see them in this shot - like ants on the horizon).

race started an hour later up that very same hill. I found this blog entry about the race - pretty much sums it up really. I saw a few people tumble on the scoria on Rangitoto - it's very rough terrain over there.

Anyway, the race was awesome but we were pretty exhausted afterwards and spent ages waiting for room on a ferry to get back so luckily for us my parents invited us over for a 3-course dinner so all we had to do was sit down and eat! Mum had made fresh bread for the entree, this sweet and sour tofu dish on rice for the main course, and a chocolate self-saucing pudding for dessert complete with soy ice cream (okay, J and I swung by the supermarket on the way to their house and picked up my favourite Lite Licks Hokey Pokey ice cream so she didn't make that but still...).

The "night after" tofu - sweet and sour tofu made by Mum!

Last week was rather crazy and exhausting but I did manage a dinner out with a good friend of mine at The Blue Bird.

I got the Tropical Chickpea Curry on kumara ('cause I can't resist every time I go there even if the dish would be way better on rice or something else!).

We had to save room for dessert of course...

I'd love to tell you that both these dessert bowls were mine but alas, I had to share! They make an awesome apple crumble with soy ice cream.

Nothing like a spot of mountain biking to put you in good spirits though...

...or a delicious oaty slice filled with berries from Revel to brighten a day at work :)