twilight and shadow

Saving the daylight

If, as many of the Deep Voices believe, the darkness is just as much a something as is the light, then which came first after Nothing – the darkness or the light?
Shadowplay by Tad Williams
Daylight savings began on Sunday over here in New Zealand which means I'm back to getting up in total darkness again but at least it's light for longer in the evenings. It also means we're on track for summer but you'd never know it if you looked out the window about now...

Anyway, below is a fairly typical dinner for me of late. Actually cooking something has been feeling like rather too much of a chore lately so there have been lots of lazy meals. I need to start being more creative again.

A giant salad (salad leaves, grated carrot, capsicum, avocado, chopped dates, baked potato cubes and chopped
Bean Supreme tofu sausages) with steamed broccoli on the side (covered in a mix of tahini and Tofutti cream cheese).

Another of my favourite meals that seems to crop up a lot on this blog is nachos. I like that I can make them from things normally found in my pantry (a tin of kidney beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes) and any veges rolling round in the bottom of the fridge. Plus I have a small addiction to corn chips! It also makes plenty for leftovers in the freezer which is always a bonus.

This was my lunch today (because I was so hungry by the time I finished cooking last night that I forgot to take a photo of it at dinner was much more exciting because I put it under the grill and everything...okay, maybe not
much more exciting but at least a little bit). This batch was made with the usual kidney beans and tinned tomato (normally I use a mexican-flavoured one but I only had italian), onion, grated carrot, mushrooms, broccoli, courgette, capsicum, various herbs, chilli and curry powders, smoked paprika and some chopped up Veaty Bites chicken style chunks which had been in my freezer for, like, forever.