twilight and shadow

Scones for dinner...tasty!

"Some women can cry and look beautiful," she said dryly. "You and I can't."
- Thayet from Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce

Sometimes when J's not home in the evening I can have some fairly interesting ideas on what constitutes dinner food...cereal, peanut butter on toast, corn toastie pies, soup out of a tin. Yes, I do cook more interesting, elaborate meals too but you know, sometimes I can't be bothered.

The other night was a good example. J is not a great fan of scones although he'll eat them if I make them but I happen to love them so since I was feeling in the mood for something comforting and sweet I resorted to making a half-batch of the Banana-Date Scones from Veganomicon again. As per usual I made some alterations. I generally don't bother with the ground flaxseed, maple syrup costs the earth so I used golden syrup, and the amount of dates and walnuts is, well, not exactly measured. I actually used dates this time (I've normally just left them out and gone with extra walnuts) and also decided to add some white chocolate chips since I have a couple of bags of them needing use (my brother brought me over some from Vegan Essentials, among other things, from the States when he visited earlier this year).

They are especially good fresh out of the oven with vegan marg and jam. Oh, or you can always use peanut butter...'cause that goes with everything (White Chocolate Wonderful is awesome)!