twilight and shadow

Snap snap camera happy

I am and old man now, but then I was already past my prime when Arthur was crowned King. The years since then seem to me now more dim and faded than the earlier years, as if my life were a growing tree which burst into flower and leaf with him, and now has nothing more to do than yellow to the grave
- The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

I ate some food was tasty...

Vegan Angel Food cake from Harvest Wholefoods.

Hmmmm, yes the picture makes it look rather lovely but it was not nearly as tasty as it looks to be honest. A bit on the dry, not particularly flavourful side so I was rather disappointed as I was hungry.

Dagoba 100% pure, unsweetened dark chocolate...not for the faint hearted.

I have been looking out for this for AGES and finally Harvest Wholefoods starting stocking it. At first bite this had me reaching for a glass of water. Not exactly the most pleasant experience! But actually, I'm getting really used to it now!

Just an average dinner from stuff sourced in the pantry.

Round at my parents cooking Mum dinner. We have couscous with sultanas (or raisins...what ever it was that was in her pantry), your typical kind of salad (with stuff from her garden...okay, not everything is from there but lots of it is) and some random fritter things I made using chickpeas and creamed corn amongst other things. Don't ask me what or just happens and they were VERY tasty. Oh, and the chutney on the fritters is one Mum made (ghubarb and ginger I think...and the rhubarb is from her garden).

Breakfast at work...

Homemade muesli (the BEST kind of muesli EVER), fruit (it was feijoas from Mum's garden and grapes this time) and soy milk. Mix it together and leave in the fridge overnight...delicious! In case you're wondering why I don't just eat my breakfast at home and make it the night before, I leave home pretty early most mornings during the week for various forms of training madness and go straight to work afterwards so I need to take my breakfast with me to eat when I get there.

Lime and Papaya sorbets from Casa Del Gelato.

I love sorbet especially on a ridiculously hot afternoon (it caught me off guard since it's definately autumn these days and quite often wet). This place is just down the road from work so I can go there on the way back from the usual trip to the postoffice.

A vegan blueberry muffin made with spelt flour from Kokako

The BEST muffins I've found anywhere. I love the texture and taste of spelt flour and they are a lovely big size, enough for a small lunch if I'm lazy. Oh, and Kokako is just up from my gym so I can always treat myself if I feel I need it!