twilight and shadow

Sometimes I surprise myself

Not for the first time she reflected that there were many drawbacks to being a swordswoman, not least of which was that men didn’t take you seriously until you’d actually killed them, by which time it didn’t really matter anyway. Then there was all the leather, which brought her out in a rash but seemed to be unbreakably traditional.
The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett
Training can get a little (okay, make that a lot) exhausting and boring at times so sometimes it's good to mix things up a little and do something a little different...

How about a spin class on the top of a tall hotel/apartment complex in town overlooking the harbour? Oh, and how about adding some rain, wind and sun too?! Yes, it's possible! Last Saturday was Skyspin, a 12-hour event of various different spin classes throughout the day on the top of the Waldorf Apartment Hotel. A friend of mine was taking one of the afternoon classes so a group of us from my gym thought we'd better show up and give some support (oh, and it was for a good cause...hospice). SO much fun (although rather wet and windy!).

Anyway, let me introduce you to my favourite dish of all time, even managing to scrap ahead of Food Alley's claypot. I can't believe I only discovered it a couple of months ago when my flatmate was having it.

So what could it possibly be?

(Tofu) Sausage Salad!!!

Not only is it super quick and basically just uses any kind of salad item you have in your possession but it's also ridiculously tasty. My flatmates and I eat these on a very regular basis that it's becoming a bit of a joke around here.

So how do you make such an awesome meal?! Well it's pretty simple and you can basically use what ever you like but below is how I made the salad above...

Firstly, layer your bowl with a handful of baby spinach leaves then sprinkle some grated carrot over the top. Next, add a sliced tomato and some chopped capsicum (yellow is my favourite to eat raw). Then top with half a sliced avocado and some chopped, dried dates. Drizzle over a little balsamic salad dressing and add a couple of dollops of roasted garlic hummus. Finally, top with two sliced tofu sausages and some chopped walnuts. It just couldn't get any better!