twilight and shadow

South Island Sprint Champs - Founders Park

To make up for having to miss the North Island Orienteering Champs I decided to tackle the South Island Champs instead! These events were held out of Nelson which is up near the top of the South Island. We were driving up from Christchurch and got there with 2 minutes to spare before Michael was called up to his start and about 15 minutes before I was called about enough time to get changed and try to get over feeling a bit car sick!

So I found the first control all right...or at least where I thought it should be but I couldn't see it so I went backwards and forwards around the fences wondering what was going on until I spotted the control in the first place I looked, rather camouflaged against the trees (it was a bit faded). Then I headed off to #2...except I was heading off to #3 instead and almost got all the way there before realising so had to go back again! And the worst thing was that I missed the good gap in the fence both times so had to go the long way round!

What are you doing taking photos of me? I'm trying to concentrate here!

It was about this time that I died! Man, my running fitness has gone out the window with the stress fracture. Sure, I'm fit and my bike fitness is really good at the moment but running is another kettle of fish. Anyway, navigation went fine for the next few controls up until about #11 at the far end of the map where I got confused about what they were classing as a building (I mistook this weird fence structure as a building) so fluffed around there a little bit and then again on #12. After that it was a slow, painful grind through the last few controls and on to the finish.

Oh dear!

So basically to sum up...I'm slow and can't orienteer!!! Excellent! Oh, and it was ridiculously hot, even at 5:30pm. Summer is going to be a killer.