twilight and shadow

The 24hr hen's party

I'm still recovering from a long weekend of TWALK adventures. TWALK is basically 24 hours of slightly mad fun running around in the hills trying to unravel cryptic clues (and then searching for the actual control) and getting your legs cut up by matagouri.

This was my 4th event (I missed out last year as I was in a cast and definitely not up to doing much) but M worked out it was his 15th TWALK! You can see more about my previous TWALKs here, here, here and here.

And the madness of TWALK begins...

This year the event started at Lake Clearwater and the scenery was, as always, stunning. The guys all went in one team (dressed as duck hunters (The Rubber Ducky Hunters) complete with their own maimai which M rode home with on his bike somehow on Friday night) and us girls all went in another (as the Hen's Party - we left feathers everywhere as the first leg went on!).

First leg fun amongst the matagouri.

This year's event was a little bit odd in that the first 3 legs seemed faster and easier than average so, very unusually, we made it through all 5 legs within the time limit although we didn't have much time for control searching by the 5th leg so it wasn't super successful. But, as usual, it was awesome (but more than a tiny bit brutal especially for those of us who were went out on all the stages). Basically it's the best event of the year!

I did intend to take some photos of the delicious lemon muffins I'd made to eat between legs but yeah, that didn't happen. But they certainly were good. I mean, I ate 5 of them during the race!

So next time I promise a food post.