twilight and shadow

The garden city adventures: part one

The fog was thick and yellow, the colour of pease pudding.
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
So, I've just had a long weekend eating, running and climbing my way through
Christchurch. My friend B and I set ourselves a challenge to eat out at as many vegetarian places in Christchurch as possible (and eat as much as possible while we were there!)...oh, and do a bit of training (running/mountain biking) and climbing. I have a truckload of photos (naturally, 'cause we ate a truckload!)

Today's post starts at Auckland Airport on Thursday night. I didn't have time to have anything to eat once I got home from work (yep, still had to do some packing!) so I picked up some food at the airport - a hummus and roast vege sandwich and a fruit salad from Wishbone.

Not very exciting but at least Wishbone labels its food really well and a full list of ingredients can be found on the back of all their food. Kept me from being hungry on the flight.

Friday day was not part of the great challenge as I was spending time with another friend but I was dropped of at B's house around dinner time that night...about time to head into town in search of good food and the beginning of our quest. Rules were laid down (basically something along the lines of ordering excessive amounts and if there is vegan dessert then it must be eaten...oh the pain!).

First stop (Friday dinner), Krishna's Cafe (otherwise known as Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant). We both ordered the full dinner menu thingy (I'm sure it had a flasher name but I can't remember now): curry, savory pastries, rice, dahl, chutney, salad and dessert. Yes, that is a lot of food and I couldn't even finish it all so I didn't get off to the best of starts in the food challenge!

On the whole it was okay especially for the price but lacking a bit in flavour (especially the curry and the pastries). We both agreed that the salad plate was really nice though.

The dessert that comes with this dinner special wasn't vegan so I was given an awesomely delicious ginger slice instead. I haven't had ginger slice in years and it reminded me of school and living at home when Mum used to bake things like this for our school lunches. I think B was jealous of my dessert!

So that wraps up the first meal/night of the challenge. Do not gets better but you'll have to wait until the next post (I promise it won't be too far off)!