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The lunching lady

His appearance, besides the twitching tentacles that overhung his chin, was not unpleasing, despite being an absolute old bachelor; for he was on the wrong side of five and thirty. He was silent and grave, but his countenance was sensible and his address was particularly gentlemanlike.
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters
My boss has been away for the last couple of weeks and consequently I seem to be having a lot of long lunches with friends and just generally not getting a great deal of work done (it didn't help that we had a powercut this week so everyone in our building, which was all of about 5 at the time, sat outside in the sun drinking beer and eating chips...very productive)! Guess it makes up for my usual 20 minute breaks I have normally so I shouldn't really feel guilty! I have been a bit slack with bringing the camera along but here are a few...

Lunch with my mate E at Renkon. We traded books and stories and, naturally, ate good food. He ordered the tofu salad and miso soup. No picture of the soup since that's not terribly exciting but the salad was! I might have to order that another time!

I was boring and went with the teriyaki tofu. But boring doesn't mean it wasn't good!

Because I was on an eating out roll (I actually ate out for 3 of the 4 lunches I had at work this week!), I met up with my cousin K for dinner at
Revive which I hadn't been to in, like, forever. It's the perfect place for summer eating as it's always so fresh-tasting and light and they have heaps of different salads. The menu changes each week and there is a different hotpot every day.

We both got the hot pot of the day which is served with brown rice (this time it was the Sultans Stew with tomatoes, organic red beans, almonds, and sultanas) and a salad. I chose the Thai tangy jungle slaw which is quite possibly my favourite of all their different salads. Since it was a ridiculously hot night and I'd just walked into town I had to get a smoothie to cool off and chose the date and banana smoothie. SO good!

To finish off I bought us a pack of apricot and almond frooze balls. They are basically just made up of dried fruit and nuts and then rolled in coconut. The perfect end to a meal.

Also this week I met my lovely cousin D for lunch at Raw Power. We always mean to order from the salad bar but get distracted by the blackboard menu but this time salad it was!

They have a self-serve salad bar and basically you can load your bowl up as high as you like. I filled mine a bit too much 'cause I couldn't finish it all but it was so delicious!

In a moment of weakness I got one of their vegan chocolate rum balls to take away.

It didn't last long once I got back to the office!