twilight and shadow

The sun through the clouds

One of the major problems encountered in time travel is not that of accidentally becoming your own father or mother. There is no problem involved in becoming your own father or mother that a broadminded and well adjusted family can't cope with. There is also no problem about changing the course of history - the course of history does not change because it all fits together like a jigsaw. All the important changes have happened before the things they were supposed to change and it all sorts itself out in the end.
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams
A few things that help to brighten up bad days...

Scoring free bittersweet Whittakers chocolate from the boys at the coffee shop across the road from work. They definitely know how to brighten a bad day.

Running especially as it becomes lighter in the mornings and I can run round the local parks instead of having to stick to the streets. It's even better when I have new running shoes (and having them contain some of my favourite colours). This morning it was light enough not long after 6am to run through the bush tracks in the
Auckland Domain. Yay!

Finding Vanilla Tofutti Cuties at the
Safe store on K'Rd. This is the kind of thing I never thought we'd get here. I seriously could not believe how awesome these tasted. Hopefully we will get a few more flavours.

Being out in the forest even on drizzly, wet days. Clears your head and frees your mind. My favourite thing to do out at the forest is orienteering...can't wait for the events this weekend.

My sweet flatmate's bliss balls. She made them super peanut buttery! What's not to love?!

Today will be a good day ☺