twilight and shadow

Those melting moments

Up in Auckland there is a cafe called Raw Power that I used to go to when I was in town. I loved all their food but my personal favourite (when I could drag myself away from the chocolate cake) was their vegan melting moments filled with delicious passionfruit icing.

Because I no longer have access to their delicious cookies I have to make them myself and I've found the good old Edmonds Cookbook will start you off in the right direction. Whip up a batch of their melting moments cookies (using olivani instead of butter - make sure you mix the mixture quite a bit until it really starts to stick together otherwise you'll find yourself cursing as you try and make balls out of the mixture and it sticks to your hands and basically makes you all round grumpy).

Once the cookies are cooled it's time to make delicious passionfruit icing! Soften about 60-70g of olivani (or other vegan butter substitute) and then whip that up with about 1 1/2 cups of sifted icing sugar until all mixed together and fluffy. Add some passionfruit syrup (or if you're super lucky, some passionfruit pulp but I've never been that lucky) to taste (quite a lot if you're using syrup) and voila!

Put dollops of the mixture sandwiched between 2 of the cookies and you've got yourself a serious treat.