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Time traveling is fun

Then you could say that the doorway exploded. But that particular verb doesn't do the action justice. Rather, it shattered into infinitesimal pieces.
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
So much to talk about! This year is certainly starting off on a pretty exciting note! Anyway, where to start?! Right, I think we will travel back in time to 2009 for today before it all becomes a distant memory.

After our family Christmas party (but before Christmas itself) I went up to our beach house to get a bit of timeout and do some training. Here's a few photos of the sights experienced during some of my training sessions...

The flowers on the Pohutukawa tree that come out in the is sometimes called the New Zealand Christmas tree.

Looking out over the lagoon at Tawharanui.

Right out at the furthest point on the peninsula looking down to the coastline below. It's even more amazing when the tide's in and the weather is wild.

Anchor Bay.

Food was eaten of course. I had got some leftovers from the Christmas Party with me so that was the first night's dinner...

The next night I had some kind of curried lentil pie I'd got at the health food shop along with more kumara salad leftovers (which reminds me, I still haven't gotten the recipe off Mum to share with you guys).

And finally, tofu stir-fry with some kind of fresh turkish bread...delicious!

Christmas Day itself I didn't do so well of documenting! My flatmates thought it was quite funny I had stir-fry for breakfast but my body has been asking for strange things lately with the increase of training so I just tend to listen to what it wants. Then lunch at the parents was just salad sandwiches so nothing too exciting. But the evening...

My lovely cousin and I decided to ditch dinner entirely and go straight for dessert! Above is blueberry cobbler veganised and adapted from a blackberry cobbler recipe my American sister sent me. SO good!

We also had trifle...because it is D's favourite. We had the chocolate variant at the Christmas party so this time I made a basic one with a plain sponge and vanilla custard. D also brought round berry-flavoured lite licks ice cream which was divine.

My bowl...there may have been more consumed than this...!

Hmmmm...this post has got quite long already so you'll have to wait till next time to find out about after-Christmas adventures and food!