twilight and shadow

Tofu in Mum's kitchen

His teeth tried to tell him something, but he never listened to them. A man could go mad, listening to his teeth.
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
Most thursday nights are 'dinner at the parents' nights. Some previous dinners can be found
here and here. Mum is always looking for different dishes to use tofu in and one night she made us all Italian Tofu Meatballs.

They totally rocked so I guess I'll have to give the recipe a go myself now!

Another tofu dish she made was this...a baked tortilla stack. I think it's from one of the Simon and Alison Holst Meals Without Meat cookbooks. The tofu is crumbled up into little pieces and if you didn't know that it had tofu in it you could be fooled.

Light, spicy and delicious. Wonder what she will whip up for us next...