twilight and shadow

Vegan cheese with too many shoes

Yep, we're finally back in the land of the long white cloud. Well, actually we've been back for just over a week now but my head is still all over the place.

I have returned with more vegan cheese than I can possibly cope with (well, only 3 packets but to be honest I'm over it all ready...I definitely prefer the european vegan cheese sorry!) and chocolate-covered pretzels! The guys in bio-security at Christchurch Airport weren't too worried about that but they did have a laugh at just how many pairs of sports shoes I kept pulling out of my bag. I feel like we bought the entirety of REI and Backcountry home with us!

Anyway, I have much excitement to tell - from encountering a mountain lion in the dark to exploring Southern Utah in search of Doctor Who - but right now I need to go to bed so you'll have to wait to hear those stories.