twilight and shadow

Vegetables are your friends

He had kept his promises to her, had fulfilled his duties to the world. Because of that, the woman he loved no longer existed.
Belladonna by Anne Bishop
Right, well I'm nearly caught up at last (I've finally made it back to 2010 again)! As I mentioned
before, I spent a few days up north house-sitting (and animal sitting for their dog and 3 cats) at my mate's farm and making the most of their property to put in some training.

This is Jess.

She would join me on all my training sessions which was super cool 'cause when you're out in the middle of some thick bush with no cellphone coverage for several hours it's nice to have a bit of company. She's gorgeous but every time I tried to take a photo of her it came out terribly so you'll just have to take my word for how beautiful she is!

Anyway, I ate pretty well when I was up there. I'm still on a huge salad obsession which is just perfect for this hot summer weather we've been having.

Heaps of veges, half a can of mixed beans, hummus, balsamic salad dressing and crusty bread. Awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't find their grater so had to have carrot peels instead which takes awhile to do.

You really can't go past a good salad sandwich especially with good bread.

This was some random Turkish garlic bread that you bake in the oven for a few minutes first. So good!

Stir-fried veggies and tofu is another of my big favourite meals of the moment.

With the increase in my training I've been trying to eat more carbs with dinner 'cause I'd been getting a bit lazy about it so I baked some kumara chunks to go with it.

Yep, another tofu stir-fry!

Add a bit of peanut butter to my usual marinade (sweet chilli, tamari, sometimes a bit of hoisin sauce, garlic) and I'm in heaven!

And another giant sandwich!

This one had pan-fried tofu slices along with all the salad stuff and I actually ate this for breakfast before an epic ride.

I was also testing how my stomach coped with various flavours of clif bars during training in preparation for some long adventure races and rogaines in the future. It's important to test out this kind of thing before the race rather than on the day!

I've used the Cool Mint Chocolate flavour before and that works well but the only other one there that was okay was the White Chocolate Macadamia one. The peanut butter ones felt too sticky which is fine to just enjoy but it didn't sit well in my stomach once I got moving again and were also harder to eat 'cause I had to chew more. Yeah, sounds a bit weird I know! The Chocolate Brownie PureFit bar is great though.