twilight and shadow

Westlife burgers

"The young are often overly concerned with matters to be settled in later years."
- Calin in Magician by Raymond E. Feist

J and his friends were off to Westlife on Saturday but coming round to our place for dinner beforehand. I, in a moment of insanity, decided I'd cook for everyone and settled on the idea of burgers and fries (always goes down well).

For the patties I made the Peanut and Tofu Cutlets (well, I actually made Peanut, Almond and Tofu Cutlets to be more precise since it seemed more interesting) from my favourity, and terribly creatively named, cookbook, Tofu by Becky Johnson. It's bascially brown rice, nuts and tofu blended together (don't get me started on J's blender. I have to find my old food processor when I'm next at my parents or I'll truly go insane! It's like a battle ground in the kitchen when the blender and I are pitted against each other!) with onion, garlic, herbs (well, I only had dried ones) and soy sauce. One of the guys reckoned they had the consistency of mince patties so he was quite thrilled. I have no idea, but I've always thought they were tasty!

I must have been feeling domestic on Saturday as I made the burger buns too (well, the bread maker did all the kneading). I mean seriously, what's up with all this domestic girlfriend business?!! J even offered to go down to the shop and get some buns, but no, I had to go and make them!

We (hey, wait a minute! I should be saying "I" not "we"...J was busy playing Mario Kart with his mates!) served the burgers with fried onion and mushroom, tomato, hummus, spinach and sweet chilli sauce along with the fries. Always a favourite, they were kumara and potato oven chips seasoned with paprika, my favourite tuscan seasoning and chilli garlic sauce. Ah, those chips bring me back to childhood when Dad would make huge batches of them for Sunday night dinner. Yummy...

I have no idea how the concert, but at least dinner was good right?!