twilight and shadow

Yay yay yay!

He gave me a dark look, patted his pockets like men do, just to make sure they have everything. It was an oddly human gesture, and it touched me in a way I couldn't even describe to myself.
Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
Yep, there are three things to 'yay' about in this post...well, for me anyway.

Number One
I used to have a favourite burger to order when heading out with friends to our favourite burger chain,
Burger Fuel (they had 4 vegetarian burgers, one specifically vegan even and the buns are wholemeal...crazy!). Anyway, it was called the Combustion Tofu Burger. Just ditch the aioli and you're good to go.

Tragically it dropped off the menu a while ago (so long ago I don't even remember) and I'd had to resort to eating lesser burgers! Because we live in crazy times, there are in fact, 2 groups on Facebook dedicated to bringing back this clearly quite popular burger:
here and here. Madness!

Anyway, the night I was enjoying my satay tofu burger down in Queenstown, The Chef was enjoying a satay tofu burger up in Auckland which mystified me...'cause where were you supposed to get one of those these days since they took it off the menu at Burger Fuel? When I asked, it turns out it's back on the menu again in Auckland (I'm pretty sure it's just at the Auckland joints but I could be wrong)...temporarily.

So I'm sure you all can guess what I had for lunch the next day...

...oh yes! I have to admit I had fairly high expectations (it had been built up pretty high in my imagination) and unfortunately didn't quite live up to them but hey, it's back!!!

Number Two
I got sent cookies! Who knew boys could bake (well, obviously The Chef can...but he's a chef funnily enough so I'm not sure he counts)? M sent me a batch of chocolate cookies with a cool peanut buttery filling. Awesome! I am predictably easy to please!

They kind of stuck together in transportation but really that doesn't matter when they taste as good as they do (which is super delicious). I guess this means I have to bake something equally delicious for my team for the race next weekend as payback.

Number Three
I'm off on the plane tonight to good old Christchurch for good food, awesome friends, challenging rock climbing and crazy racing (24 hours!!!). It's going to be one hell of a weekend!