twilight and shadow

Yet another goodbye...

Quinn's appetite was as outstanding as his equipment. He enjoyed dessert so much, he came back for seconds.
All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
...which can also be known as Monday in Christchurch.

Leaving Christchurch is always hard. When I come home I find that I end up feeling quite lonely and sad.

But before I had to leave I met up with my friend M and we went for a little run in the mud and the drizzle around Halswell Quarry with the aid of an orienteering map (and perhaps we may have ventured on to some private land but what no one saw, no one knows about right?).

Running, of course, makes you feel a bit hungry so we ventured into town for a spot of lunch at my favourite cafe, Soul Food. M is quite indecisive and I want everything so we decided to get the vegan BLT (which is extremely yummy...probably the vegan aioli that really does it for me)...

...and the vegan lentil and brown rice burger (which is very filling and healthy-tasting although not in a bad way in case you were of the opinion that healthy-tasting and delicious couldn't go hand in hand)...

...and split them. It was a good decision.

They also have 2 sweet vegan options. The first one is the fruit muffin which is really soft and delicious and the creamy stuff on the top is very nice.

The second is the ginger crunch which I had on Thursday night as well at
Govinda's. Soul Food and Govinda's are actually run by the same people which is fortunate because that means you have 2 separate places you can get this most awesome ginger crunch. But as I said on a previous post, I am doing my best to replicate it!

Again, so that neither of us got jealous, we split both choices but the ginger crunch bet the muffin hands down. There really was no contest.

And then it was time to go home which was very sad. But it's okay because I will be back down that way very soon (and thank god for skype, email and all that jazz)!